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Refer a Friend Program for Bonus Bucks!
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EFH Refer a Friend Program Earns You Bonus Bucks!

Here's how to earn Bonus Bucks! Tell your friends and family to SUBSCRIBE by entering their email address in the top right corner of the Home Page at
When a friend or family member places an order, ask them to enter your email address in the comments area of the order form as follows:

I was referred by:

We will send you an email with a $5 bonus buck coupon to use on any order. Bonus bucks can be combined. So, the more people you refer who place orders, the more money you'll have to spend in any of our five fashion online estores.

You can accumulate as many bonus bucks as you wish before spending them. Bonus bucks are valid for one year. So, you can save them all year and spend them all at once! Save the bonus bucks for holiday shopping or get something special for yourself from any of our five stores.


Tell all your friends about
Ask them to tell us you referred them to designersla.

Ask them to enter your email address & name in the comments area of the order form when they place an order.
You earn $5 bonus bucks!

Questions? Write to: